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Benefits and Disadvantages of Buying Your Toilet Remodeling Supplies On-line

Have you just lately made the choice to remodel your lavatory? Whether you would like to remodel every inch of your rest room or just a small portion of it, you'll need to buy supplies. The supplies needed will all rely upon the reworking venture you must complete. As an example, if you are seeking to have your bathtub replaced, you will need to order a brand new bathtub. Whether you want a tub, new flooring, and even new lavatory cabinets, have you determined the place you want to store but? In case you are like many different owners, you might be wondering whether or not you should buy your lavatory transforming supplies online.

As previously mentioned, the lavatory transforming supplies wanted will all rely upon the type of transforming that you are doing. The provides that you'll want will even help to find out whether or not you should purchase your supplies online. As an illustration, is you want to buy a brand new bathtub it might be a bit of bit troublesome so that you can purchase a tub online. After all, it is always possible to do, but chances are you'll find it costly. Depending on the place you'd be ordering your new bathtub from, it might have to travel across the country. If that is the case, you could find the price of shipping or delivery to be fairly expensive. In actual fact, you may also discover it too much to afford.

In all actually, the price of delivery is absolutely the only downside to purchasing your bathroom remodeling provides online. The reality is that are, actually, an unlimited variety of advantages to purchasing your rest room reworking supplies online. A type of benefits is the period of time that it'll take you to do your shopping. On-line, you may easily discover thousands of various bathtubs accessible for sale. When you find a bathtub, or every other toilet fixture that you just want, you could possibly buy it without even having to leave your home. You may also save your self a pretty big amount of time by buying online. If in case you have an thought as to what you are on the lookout for, it is possible to find, order, and pay to your kitchen reworking provides in as little as a few minutes.

Along with the period of time which you could save, by purchasing in your lavatory transforming provides on-line, you even have a greater probability of discovering what you're looking for. Whether you are looking to purchase a brand new bathtub, a new toilet sink, a new rest room, or rest room ground tiles, the web provides you entry to a whole lot of 1000's of different items. Because of this whether you might be on the lookout for low-cost remodeling provides, elegant provides, or those that are customized made, you need to simply have the ability to discover what you are looking for online. You will get began with a typical web search.

Though there are extra benefits to buying your toilet reworking provides on-line than there are disadvantages, you will find that the above mentioned drawback is a fairly large one. In case you are shopping on a finances, it's best to look for on-line retailers that offer shipping reductions for their bathroom reworking supplies, provides, and fixtures. If you'll be able to discover considered one of these discounts, you could, indubitably, profit from doing all of your procuring online.

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Foreign exchange Trading Alert - How To Use Alerts To Your Personal Monetary Advantage

With the entire terms and jargon related to foreign currency trading, it can be simple to lose observe of what experts could also be speaking about from time to time. This in fact confuses and makes it absolutely inconceivable to make use of the methods and instruments of the trade to benefit. Though it's imperative that you get an understanding with a purpose to efficiently function, that may be the extent of your profitability. Solely through the use of instruments like the foreign currency trading alert can you increase your income to the extent that you all the time dreamed that they might be.

It is comparatively simple to use the forex trading alert to your financial benefit because of its nature. The forex trading alert is in actual fact the most effective ideas that anybody had. It gives individuals the freedom to go about their each day business whilst retaining their fingers on the financial pulse. Consequently, the forex trading alert can have a significant affect on revenue! Anybody can flip it to his or her own monetary advantages by:

1. A forex trading alert can be sent to your desktop, mobile phone or immediate messaging service (AIM, MSN, Yahoo and so on) at any time of day or night to warn you to fluctuations out there and potential buys/sells. So long as you choose to have them despatched to another device when you are away out of your desk, a foreign currency trading alert will help you to generate income no matter the place you actually are.

2. Use the forex trading alert filter settings to optimize your capacity to purchase and sell, and of course make money. A forex trading alert doesn't go out to everyone in the foreign exchange market, solely selected people as a result of each dealer or firm can have their very own foreign currency trading alert to ship out. By using filer settings you possibly can let your company know what alerts you would like and when. This manner, you are not inundated with them but conversely not everybody is aware of about them.

3. Choosing an organization carefully will ensure that you benefit from the forex trading alert. Each company has their very own set methods and look for numerous completely different things. As a result, the ideas could also be totally different one week to the next. Nonetheless, it's essential to have a look at their specialisms before using them if you want to benefit from our money with a forex trading alert.

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Property Prices Predicted For Fall In August

Property Prices Predicted For Fall In August House prices are predicted to fall next month as the impact of the Bank of England’s series of interest rate rises begins to be felt. According to Your Move, the effect of five hikes by the Bank’s monetary policy committee (MPC) during the past year will see property values decrease in August. The estate agent network predicted that house exchange prices over the course of July will increase by 0.94 per cent to an average of £182,748. However, next month is forecasted to see a fall of 0.34 per cent with the typical home now costing £182,134. Compared to the same period 12 months ago, house prices are forecasted to have increased by 9.46 per cent as of the end of July, compared to an 8.8 per cent rise in the year ending August. Meanwhile, agreed property prices (when an offer to buy a home has been accepted) in July decreased by 0.47 per cent to £182,218 from the £183,080 recorded in June. As a result, the firm claimed that such figures only act as “further reinforcing” for forecasts that August and September will see a curbing in property prices. David Newnes, managing director of Your Move, said: “Successive interest rate rises which might have reined in house price growth have not actually led to a fall in prices but the August prediction shows the first signs that the MPC medicine is starting to bite through on price growth. Significant numbers of borrowers were immune to rate hikes as they had taken the wise precaution of choosing a fixed-rate loan. Now that many borrowers are coming off those cheap fixed-rate deals and having to pay a higher rate of interest, the MPC’s rate rises are starting to have an effect by cooling price rises which is exactly what they wanted to achieve.” He added that as a result of MPC increases, the value of property is set to decrease over the coming weeks, with September predicted to be a “sober” month as prospective buyers look to get larger discounts on the asking price of homes. Meanwhile, Mr Newnes claimed that the forthcoming staggered introduction of home information packs is unlikely to have any major impact in terms of driving house prices down. Consequently, he reported that any further interest rate increases by the Bank would be unnecessary, as the housing sector is predicted to “remain robust” in the medium to long-term. As a result of the announcement from Your Move, potential first-time buyers may find their difficulties in getting on the housing ladder eased. At the beginning of the month a study by Abbey indicated that millions of consumers are spending money meant to be going towards making a property deposit on other items. Some 11.2 million of those putting money aside were said to have “dipped into” such a savings account at least once, with 888,000 Britons doing so every week. Managing director of Abbey for Intermediaries Ricky Okey claimed that the figures “go a long way” into revealing why many people struggle to buy their first home and incur difficulties making homeowner loan repayments. Steve Smith writes for 1 Stop Finance Shop. A one stop shop for all your bad credit loans , debt consolidation loans and loans news . Visit Today

Do You Know How to Ensure You Are Not Owed Unclaimed Money?

Do You Know How to Ensure You Are Not Owed Unclaimed Money? Majority of the Americans have not given a thought to the task of searching for unclaimed money. The majority of the Americans are not aware that millions of individuals in the country are owed lost money. Due to public apathy, the unclaimed cash kitty has grown to over $40 billion. All the individuals in the audience of a show by Oprah Winfrey were given checks for various sums. The money that was distributed was not charity or donations. The money belonged to the audience. The money was unclaimed money owed to the individuals in the audience. Oprah had checked for unclaimed money owed to the individuals and thousands of dollars was found owed to the individuals. Oprah stated on the show that as many as 8 out of 9 families in the US are owed unclaimed money. Property becomes unclaimed when the company or financial institution holding the money is unable to contact its owner for a period in excess of three years. The owner of the money is beyond reach because the contact information of the individual has become outdated or because the individual has changed his or her legal name. All communication to the individual is sent to the old address and the same never reaches the person who is the owner of the money. The government steps in after the period of three years. Once the money becomes unclaimed money, the government requires the companies and institutions to turn over the money to the State. The funds are normally held by the controller s office of each state. Unclaimed funds come into existence from many sources. Most common sources include Checking Accounts, Savings Accounts, unclaimed Tax Refunds, Old Pay Checks, Child Support or Alimony Payments, Stocks, Bonds or Dividends, Insurance Payments etc Since it is useless to rely on the government to return the money promptly, the onus is upon you to search for unclaimed cash owed to you. You will have to search by entering your name in an unclaimed money database. The search should help you determine whether you are owed money or not. You can even check the accounts to find out whether any record rings a bell. Once money is found, a claim has to be submitted and the wait for the check begins. Nicole Anderson offers additional information about unclaimed money at If you want to get back your lost money and unclaimed funds without any hassles, just visit to search 120 databases in one go. Conduct a single search and all the money owed to you will be flashed on your screen.

Compound Interest Calculation - The Secret Weapon Upon Which All Fortunes Are Built

I was always taught to listen closely to people who are much smarter than me. So when Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds to ever walk planet Earth, is quoted as saying, “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest,” I believe him. So what is compound interest, anyway? Compound interest is defined as “interest calculated on both the principal and the accrued interest.” In other words, compound interest is when money you invest and the interest it has already accumulated continue to earn more interest. This may not sound very powerful, but when you mix in the key ingredient â€" time â€" a simple compound interest calculation becomes the secret weapon upon which all fortunes are built. Let’s take a closer look. The Rule of 72 One simple compound interest calculation that is very useful is called the Rule of 72, which states that 72 divided by the annual rate of return equals the number of years for a given quantity of money to double. For instance, $1,000 invested and earning 9% annually will become $2,000 in eight years because 72 divided by nine equals eight. Using this simple calculation over longer periods of time, you can quickly see the tremendous power of compounding. As an example, let’s say a 23 year old invests $10,000 in a stock market index fund earning 10% per year. Using the Rule of 72, the fund’s value will double approximately every seven years. So if the 23 year old allows the money to continue compounding until he reaches 65, the fund will have doubled in value approximately six times (65 minus 23 equals 42, and 42 divided by seven equals six). Doubling six times, the original $10,000 becomes $640,000! Simply amazing! What Do I Do Now? One simple way to get started is to purchase the Total Stock Market ETF, symbol VTI. To eliminate the trading costs associated with purchasing ETF’s, we recommend opening an account with Zecco, which stands for zero commission costs. In addition to free ETF trades, Zecco has no account minimums or account maintenance fees. To learn more about opening a Zecco brokerage account, visit our Recommended Investment Products page at the Smart Money Advocate website. Compound Interest in Reverse As amazing as compound interest can be when used to multiply our savings, it can be the cause of a financial nightmare if applied to our spending habits. To what am I referring? Credit cards, plain and simple. When you only pay the minimum on your credit cards each month, the balance you owe grows exponentially. Why, you might ask? Because the interest rates that most cards charge are very high, sometimes as high as 20% or more. Using the Rule of 72, the balance owned would double in 3.6 years at a 20% annual interest rate, if no payments are made. As you can see, it would not take very long for the balance owed to get completely out of hand. Summary Compound interest is the mathematical miracle that allows anyone to achieve financial freedom, no matter your nationality, gender, race, IQ, or economic background. A simple compound interest calculation early in your adult life can open your eyes and compel you to take action while its key ingredient â€" time â€" is still on your side. So put compound interest to work for you immediately and allow yourself to become a financial success. Charles Hebert invites you to visit his website, , where he shares his views on a wide variety of personal finance topics. Through his website, he aims to improve the financial decision making of the average individual by advocating simple strategies that can be applied by anyone. You can sign up for his free ezine, Personal Finance Savvy, at: .

Choose the Most Beneficial Bank Account Option

Independence is something that we all seek, right from the time when we are children. Of course, at that age, independence is generally associated with things like the freedom to choose our friends and the kinds of games that we play. However, as we become older, we begin to associate independence with other things. It is at this time that independence and money begin to become interlinked. As we start earning our own livelihoods, we come to realize that we need to make our money grow. So we look forward to either investing our money in stocks and shares or depositing it in a bank. There is great joy to be gained in watching the money grow in multiple folds every year. It is for the same reason that we listen to the advice of friends and family members when we have to open an account. Most often, we choose to open an account with a leading bank which offers various services. However, we should remember that these services do not come for free. As a result, we should look out for banks that charge the lowest rates for these services. For instance, a number of banks charge an additional fee if we ask for things like locker facilities or a greater number of check books. However, this may not be the case with all banks. In fact, several banks willingly offer the same services at no extra cost. It is always better to open an account in no more than one or two banks. You might be tempted to go and get a few more bank accounts, but this is not recommended. What happens if you do this is that you lose track of your finances. This takes place especially if you are in the habit of operating all the accounts simultaneously. As a result, the savings in each diminishes at the same time. This is not a healthy way to operate a bank account. These days most bank accounts have the ATM facility; so we can draw cash in case of emergency. Before opening an account with a bank, we must think hard about whether it is going to be useful or not. If we are working on a project and our client has an account with a particular bank, it makes sense to have an account there. This will enable the client to transfer funds to you immediately through that account. If there is no such purpose, you would only be locking up your funds in an account that you will not be operating. Some banks also have the facility of automatically transferring your funds into a fixed deposit if you have not operated the account over a long period of time. This means that you earn more on the money in that account. In such a case, you would have made a good choice. Bank accounts must be monitored on a regularly basis. Some banks charge a fee if the account is not operated every so often. Such minor details which we might oversee will have to be considered while opening an account. Find out about the Best Bank Accounts , an Online Saving Account and before getting one, make sure to Compare Current Accounts .

Why You Should Pay Yourself Before You Pay Your Creditors

Got bills? We all do. But, who do you pay first when after you deposit your paycheck? Most people pay their bills first, and play with what little is left. Sometimes, they ll put a small amount into a savings account, which might earn all of 2% interest. Is this you? What if I told you that you should be paying yourself first, and not into a savings account, but a wealth account? Only read the rest of this article if you want to become wealthy. Why? I intentionally became a millionaire before I was 35, and now I teach others how to become millionaires. One of the first things I tell them is to pay themselves first, putting the money into a special account called a wealth account. Investing - in yourself and in building assets - should be your first priority Millionaires make investing a priority. They pay themselves first into this special wealth account. I call the payment you make to your wealth account your Wealth Account Priority Payment (WAPP). As the name implies, this payment is a priority, comparable to your mortgage or rent, bills, or any other priority expenses. Your WAPP should be a specific, set amount, and paid consistently, come rain or shine. Most of my clients make their WAPP monthly. The concept of paying yourself first is often misunderstood. I ve even heard financial advisors confuse this with putting money into savings. I ve seen others tell people not to start a Wealth Account if they are in debt. None of this advice will support and create lasting and ever-growing wealth. If you want to be a millionaire, you have to act like one today. And all millionaires use something similar to the process I call The Wealth Cycleâ„¢. It s a process in which the money you make is invested in a way that makes you more money. (I explain this concept in detail in my book, The Millionaire Maker). The investing aspect of The Wealth Cycle is crucial to its success. Pay yourself before you pay down your debt Now this may sound counterintuitive, but I don t care how much debt you have. You still need to make your Wealth Account a priority. Here s the 10 second lesson from the millionaire maker: You make money, put a portion of that into a wealth account. Your wealth account is used to invest in money-making assets. Then, pay what you can towards repaying the debt. In the mean time, the income from your investments grows, getting you out of debt faster! Once the debt is paid, you still have the income from the investments. What s important is not the amount of your WAPP. The key is a) starting it immediately, and b) getting in the habit of making it. If you are barely making ends meet every month, make your WAPP only $10. Or even 10 cents, if need be. Then as your income increases, raise the amount of your WAPP accordingly. Once you have gathered enough money to pursue a lucrative investment - and believe me, some times all you need is a just few thousand dollars - then you seek out a wealth coach, a mentor, and other specialized professionals who can guide you on choosing the best investment for your needs. And you ll soon see just how quickly you can build wealth when using the Wealth Cycle. Think of it this way: every month you don t make your WAPP compounds into days you re not creating wealth. Which means you ll stay in debt longer. Or simply keep the status quo. Isn t it time you took control of your financial future? Wealth building is possible for anyone who learns and uses the right skills at the right time. Loral Langemeier literally creates millionaires, and she does it using a well-honed and tested system that anyone can learn. Creating sustainable wealth does not need to remain a mystery! Order your copy of The Millionaire Maker today:

Guaranteed Unsecured Personals Loans For People With Bad Credit!

Open a new world of personal loans uk with your online route! UK guaranteed unsecured personals loans for people with bad credit as easy as you always wanted to be! Drive home your fancy car, purchase a property, get the landscaping done, go on a cruise, get your daughter married or send your son for higher studies…….. what’s on your mind. Whatever your needs are guaranteed unsecured personals loans for people with bad credit cater it all. Just one unsecured personal loan for people with bad credit can combat all your financial crunches without any more delay! You can make use of unsecured personal loan with bad credit if you are a uk tenant or a homeowner in uk with bad credit and are unwilling to pledge your collateral. We even have loans without security and cater to those with bad credit scores as well. Personal unsecured loan uk is your option if you’re a tenant without any equity to release as against your loan. You don’t put your collateral at risk in case of repayment failure. Benefits of Guaranteed Unsecured Personal Loans For People With Bad Credit! • Obtain loans with or without security • Easily affordable uk loan • Flexibility on repayment terms • Fast loan approval • APR as low as 5.7% based on various situations • LARGE loan amount from and#8356;5000 to and#8356;75000 or more • Quick in principle decision. • Safeguard your unsecured personal loans uk by making a payment protection Your financial requirements could vary with your varied needs to realise them all we have just one loan to suit all purpose known as Personal loans. A personal uk loan for people with bad credit covers: UK Personal car loan Personal home improvement UK loan Personal holiday loan UK Personal UK unsecured loan Personal homeowner UK loan Personal consolidation loan UK Personal bad credit loan uk Guaranteed Personal loans market is wide and are customized to your uk bad credit personal needs. Self employed? Unemployed? Bad credit? No problem, you all have a chance to get guaranteed personal loans without a collateral backed to your needs. Try out the online route and see how it works for you. Today, most of the UK resident opt for personal loans uk as a preferred solution. Safe as it involves lower interest rate. Put to use the amount offered to you as per your desire- purchase of a car, fund your education, home improvement and so on. Free online advice on Guaranteed cash with instant decision: Guaranteed cash with instant decision ! Clear all your ambiguities on personal loan finance company: personal loan finance company without credit check !

7 Cash Flow Steps to a Healthy Budget

The word budget can strike fear into even the strongest of people. If there is one thing very few people are ready for when they leave the safety of home for the first time it is dealing with money. There are not too many people who even know how to balance their checkbook after they open their first checking account. So creating a budget can be a scary proposition for anyone who isn t good at keeping track of their money. But if we look at a budget in a different light then maybe it will be easier to live with what it is. And all it is is a cash flow plan. All a budget does is track where the money is flowing from and where it is flowing to. Cash flow; it s what makes the world go around. Here are 7 steps you can use to plan your cash flow and before you know it you ll have built a budget. Start with a piece of paper and a pencil; you can save those fancy budgeting software packages for later. 1. Write down your monthly income. If you are a salaried worker this should be easy. If your income is not that steady then add up the past three months worth of income and average it by dividing by three. This will give you a good starting point. 2. Start writing down all your monthly expenses. Mortgage, rent, car payment, credit card payments, utilities, groceries, eating out, entertainment, and anything else you spend money on. For those expenses that fluctuate, such as groceries and gas, use the three month average method to get an accurate amount. 3. Here s the scary part for most people. Subtract the expenses from the income and see what s left. You will either have a positive cash flow or negative cash flow. Unfortunately in this day of increasing debt most people have a negative cash flow. 4. Once you have your monthly cash flow laid out in front of you you can start assigning your money to your expenses. As you make those payments throughout the month write them down to see how your spending lines up with what you have budgeted for that particular item. 5. If you have a negative cash flow then you can start looking at everything you have written down and find areas where your spending may not be in the best interest of you financial goals. As you do this you can free up money for more important financial considerations. 6. The first time you do a cash flow plan it probably won t work out quite right. It normally takes about three months to get everything working right while you figure out where your money has been going every month. Be patient with your budget and before long it will start working and you will regain control of your money. 7. Once you are comfortable with your written budget and you have better control of where your money goes and what it does then consider investing in some budget software such as Quicken. It can make your cash flow plan much easier and with the added features like retirement and tax planning it can give you a solid financial future. By using these 7 cash flow steps you can begin your budget quickly and easily. Only by taking back control of your money can you improve your financial future for you and your family. To learn more about cash flow planning please visit the website Household Budgets by clicking here .

Long-Term Financial Planning For Business Plans

There are various factors that you need to look into in order to do long-term financial planning for business plans. Some of these factors can be discussed as follows. Balance Sheet Balance sheets show the assets and liabilities of a business. This can eventually help you assess the financial health of a business. Budgeting And Business Planning The budgeting and business planning are very important, and you must consider them while making out your long-term financial planning for business plans. You must learn how to include them in the daily running of your business. Financial And Management Accounts Another important factor is financial and management accounts. It is very important for you to learn how to file financial accounts, understand types of management accounting, and use analytical accounting tools. Set Up A Basic Record-Keeping System You must also have a clear understanding regarding what you need to record and for how long, with systematic guidance on setting up your own system. Set Up A Simple Profit And Loss Account For Your Business You must keep and maintain the financial records in order to report your profit or loss. Cashflow Management When you neglect your cashflow, you risk insolvency. There are certain essential rules that you need to follow. You need to learn them. Identify Potential Cashflow Problems In order to do effective long-term financial planning for business plans, you must also learn out how to use cashflow forecasts and business plans to avoid financial problems. Overall, if you keep the above things in mind, you will certainly be able to make proper long-term financial planning for business plans. John Gutenburg has written many more articles about banks and loans .

Interest Rates Curbing House Price Growth

Interest Rates Curbing House Price Growth Property prices grew by their slowest rate for some 18 months, new research indicates. The value of the average house increased by some 0.1 per cent over the course of July to 176,300 pounds - the lowest monthly increase noted since the beginning of 2006. With the latest figures indicating the third consecutive month for a slowing in property price growth, year-on-year inflation was now reported to stand at 5.9 per cent, down from the 6.4 per cent recorded in June and the “recent high” of 6.8 per cent reached in April. Figures from the firm indicated that London, Wales and the south-east of England were the only areas that had seen house prices rise over the course of the month. With London said to have seen property values rise by 0.2 per cent, in comparison to the 1.8 per cent increase noted in March. The capital - which had been declared by Hometrack as the “engine for house price growth” over the last 12 months - was now said to have suffered from the downturn in market conditions witnessed across Britain. Five regions across England were said to have exhibited constant house prices, with the east Midlands and the Yorkshire and Humber area posting decreases of 0.2 and 0.1 per cent respectively. Richard Donnell, director of research for Hometrack, said: “It was inevitable that the steady increase in interest rates which began last year would ultimately impact on levels of housing demand right across the market - a trend that has been exacerbated by the seasonal slowdown in activity over the summer.” Mr Donnell added that slowdown in price rises has been “accelerated” by a recent increase in the availability of housing put up for sale. This surge was attributed to estate agents encouraging would-be vendors to put their homes on the market ahead of what had been the original June 1st deadline for home information packs. However, he noted that overall demand for property is set to “remain weak” over the rest of 2007 as the effects of recent interest rate increases by the Bank of England make their presence felt on the housing sector. Overall, property was reported to witness a further slowdown in growth as it moves more “towards a buyers’ market”. In a study conducted earlier this month, Bradford and Bingley indicated that 46 per cent of prospective first-time buyers are worried that houses are set to become more expensive during forthcoming months. Despite recent interest rates impacting upon consumers’ day-to-day finances, just over a quarter of those surveyed stated that if they do not get on the property ladder now than they may be unable to do so in later life. As a result, director of mortgages Andy Wiggans claimed that such consumers are now willing to take out a secured loan “at almost any cost”. However, with the most recent Bank of England base rate rise forcing borrowers on a typical £120,000 mortgage to find an extra £25 every month to meet monthly repayments, Mr Wiggans warned potential first-time buyers against over-stretching themselves financially, “especially as there may be further rate rises to come”. Tom Dawson is the Editor in Chief for Essentially Home Loans where visitors can apply for cheap loans online We also specialise in debt consolidation loans and secured loans

Thinking Ahead Can Save You Time And Money

Early in December, I logged onto my business checking account to verify my current balance, before paying some bills. The low balance surprised me, so I began to review the recent transactions â€" and to my surprise, found four cash withdrawals from an ATM in St. Petersburg Russia! Perpetrators had made a duplicate of my checkcard and used it (with my pin, presumably) to withdraw hundreds of dollars. Bank of America returned the funds into my account that evening, pending its investigation, so I was able to pay my bills. But, if I had not checked my account, it could have been emptied (and I may have bounced checks) without my knowledge. Are You Liable for Fraudulent Transactions? You may be aware that under Federal law, you are only liable for the first $50 of fraudulent credit card transactions. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express have adopted zero liability company policies, reducing that liability to $0 in most circumstances. However, this protection does not necessarily apply to checkcard, or ATM card, transactions. Checkcards, usually linked to a checking or savings account, may be used as a credit card, usually under Visa or MasterCard, or as a PIN-based Debit or ATM card. The credit card transactions are governed by the $50-limit credit card rule. Debit and ATM transactions, however, are governed by another set of liability rules. What Are Your Rights Regarding CheckCard or ATM Card Fraud? If you report a debit or ATM card missing before any fraudulent transactions occur, then you are not responsible for any future fraudulent transactions. If the unauthorized transactions occur before you realize your card is missing (or if you still have your card), then the amount for which you are responsible depends upon how quickly you report the fraudulent transactions and/or missing card: Report loss of card within two business days from when you realize the card is missing = $50 limit Report within 60 days after your statement is mailed to you = up to $500 Report after 60 days = unlimited loss (all the money in your account, as well as your maximum line of credit for overdrafts) There are exceptions to these limits, such as for extended travel or illness. Also, many banks and credit unions have reduced these limits under their terms of service contracts, or ignore the limits in particular circumstances. What Can You Do To Limit Debit / ATM / Check Card Fraud? Do not write down your PIN or security codes Be wary of email phishing (impersonating bank websites) Shred mail Monitor your main accounts regularly during the month Close old, rarely used accounts (but be aware of possible effects on credit rating) Monitor credit reports annually (at least) Maintain list of credit and check card numbers, expiration dates, and telephone numbers of issuers in safe location Review account statements, including accounts you rarely use In case of loss, report immediately Elizabeth Potts Weinstein, JD , a licensed attorney and Registered Investment Advisor, is the founder of Potts Weinstein Financial Consulting, a financial and estate planning firm, headquartered in San Jose, California. The firm specializes in providing fee-only, hourly financial planning, estate planning, and investment advice for people from all walks of life and income brackets. Visit for more information or to subscribe to her monthly ezine Prosper! .

Independent Living Post-Retirement

Most of us dream of retirement. It really would be wonderful to have a house by the seashore and be able to watch as the sun sets. It would be fantastic to be able to spend all your time with your grandchildren just when they are the most adorable. Best of all, there would not be any of the pressures that had worried us for most of our adult lives. However, do not start believing in the illusion of your own making that retirement is the beginning of a life that is free from tension. That belief would really be far from the truth. Instead, your monetary problems simply multiply several times once you turn sixty and finally reach retirement age. What may have seemed like a good pension plan when you were forty may not seem to be as attractive twenty years later. It is for such reasons that various finance companies have developed a variety of pension plans. Invest in any one plan while you are still young, and you will end up paying premiums that are relatively low. Moreover, if you do a sufficient amount of planning, and take into account factors such as inflation and medical bills, you should be left with a great pension. With that you should be able to lead quite a good life once retirement comes around. If it so happens that you have already retired and you seem to be stuck with a small pension, do not get your blood pressure up. There are other methods that can help you make the most of your finances. In fact, just the other day, I found an interesting article about a type of mortgage that was specifically for senior citizens who owned property. They could mortgage their house to a bank or financial institution and meet their expenses the money that accrued from it. In the meantime, the original owners were allowed to continue living in the same house. Married folk could choose to borrow jointly. The bank would regain its investment by selling the house when the owner died. Any amount over and above the loan amount would go to the heirs of the borrowers. Reverse mortgages do make for a great deal for retired persons. They no longer need to feel dependent on their family and friends for their daily needs. The ability to hold on to one s self-esteem after retiring is a great boon. It is a good thing that in today s world the years after retirement can be made stress-free. Learn about remortgages , refinance loans and get attractive home equity loan offers .

Graduates Face Debt Sentence

Graduates Face Debt Sentence Young people are delaying buying a home and starting a family as they face an increasing “debt sentence” after leaving university, it has been suggested. According to a study carried out by uSwitch, those graduating from higher education this year will owe a total of 3.2 billion pounds via student borrowing, more than twice the 1.2 billion pounds run up in 1997. Despite 49,300 (17 per cent) of students will be 11,000 pounds in the red, findings from the price comparison website showed that 14,500 (five per cent) around debts of more than 20,000 pounds, with some respondents having more than 30,000 pounds to pay back. Overall, it was predicted that it takes the typical graduate 11 years to pay off their debts. As a result, an estimated 35 per cent of recent graduates are set to put off raising a family, getting married or making their first steps on the property ladder by an average of six years because of the financial pressures placed on them by student debts. Mike Naylor, personal finance expert for the price comparison website, said: “The cost of attending university has risen over time, partly due to increased tuition fees and, to a lesser extent, due to increased housing costs. As a result, more money than ever is being borrowed by students to fund their way through university, with some students starting work with debts of up to 30,000 pounds. “It is inevitable that this will have a knock-on effect on their lives and future life events will have to be put on ice until the money is available. Since 1997, three million graduates have delayed getting married, having kids or buying a house by at least six years due to the crippling effects of student debt.” According to uSwitch, pressure on graduates’ finances is being “compounded” by surging house prices. Over the last ten years property values were reported to have risen by 203 per cent to 179,322 pounds. Meanwhile, with student debts increasing by 167 per cent and graduate starting salaries showing a rise of 51 per cent, the price comparison website reported that consumers are not only being “lumbered with excessive levels of debt, but they are also being priced out of the housing market” as an increasing number struggle to make secured loans repayments. Findings from the firm also revealed that 26 per cent of recent graduates are delaying getting married for an average of six years due to the strain of student debt, with 53 per cent put off from getting on the property ladder. Meanwhile, just under a quarter (23 per cent) of those who have left university recently are said to still be living at home with their parents. In addition, the study showed that about 270,873 respondents would be open to the concept of bankruptcy as a way of relieving the pressures of loans and credit cards. Earlier this month, a study by FandC Investments showed that parents are underestimating the monetary strains that going to university can place on both their children and themselves. According to the financial services provider, just under half of mums and dads surveyed do not know how much tuition fees will cost. Meanwhile, 70 per cent of respondents are not setting any money aside to help put their offspring through higher education, in spite of the average graduate being said to leave with debts of 13,252 pounds. Abbi Rouse writes for All About Loans where visitors can apply for UK loans and also focuses on personal finance for UK residents. Visit Today:

Wealth Consciousness

Wealth is a term that is often times associated with money. We must first start by understanding that wealth is much more than just money. It s an internal perspective on the value of any given thing, including ourselves. The term wealth consciousness is often times used when talking about money and one s ability to relate to and obtain money and financial well being. I want to expand on this definition and perspective of wealth and help you develop a real understanding of what true wealth is. First of all, wealth consciousness pertains to the internal value you hold within yourself. Everything that is valuable to you is nothing but a reflection of your internal value. To a rich person, they have chosen to expand and develop their internal value when it comes to their understanding and relationship to money and their financial abilities. For someone who is a good cook, they have chosen to expand on their internal value and wealth consciousness when it comes to food and delivering a good experience to people s eating experience. Wealth is anything that we hold as valuable. Where someone may have a perspective as money being wealth to them, others may have love and relationships as a definition of wealth. It s important to understand what we hold as valuable and believe to be a positive part of our experience and what we would label as wealth. To some knowledge is wealth, and others hands on ability is wealth. None of these are right or wrong, but a reflection of internal value. We choose from moment to moment where we direct our consciousness and how we decide to expand our wealth consciousness. Some people believe that going to college is the best way of expanding their internal value and their wealth consciousness while others believe that a trade school is the best bet. Still others believe that starting a business is how they can best expand their wealth consciousness. All of these are a reflection of internal wealth and value. The same is true for anything else that we choose to put our time and energy into. We can always evaluate someone s internal wealth consciousness and their internal value system based on what they focus on and devote their time and energy toward. It s important to evaluate your internal value and wealth consciousness and decide to expand it in areas that will serve you and what you wish to attract. If you want love in your life and currently do not have it, then you must work on your internal value of love and your wealth consciousness of love. The same is true for everything and anything else. It is this value within each of us that flows and gets exchanged all the time. Let s use this article for example. I am giving knowledge and understanding, which is the value that I am bringing to the table. Webmaster s will use the value I have in order to provide the value of useful knowledge to their list and their newsletter subscribers. In exchange for that knowledge, you have given the value of your name and email address and the right for those webmasters to contact you. In return, I wish to get the value myself of people who will visit my website and learn more from me. When you purchase a book online, you are looking for the value of useful and valuable information that will help you expand on your understanding and your ability to get the results that you want in your life. In return, you are willing to give up the value of money in order to get that value for yourself. We are always exchanging certain internal value and wealth consciousness in return for things that we perceive as being more valuable. You will never give your money up for a book you don t believe will give you more value in return than you are giving out. We can see this all the time when someone will drive extra miles to buy something at a store they can get just down the road only to save a few dollars. We must always start with our internal wealth consciousness in any area we wish to expand on. If money is something you wish to have more of, you must do the work and take the time to learn, grow, and expand on your financial wealth consciousness. If you wish for love, then you must invest in that wealth consciousness. Work on your internal value and wealth consciousness in the area of those things you want to attract, and you will attract them without fail. Dwayne Gilbert is the founder of and the Wealthy Life Secrets Program. He has been helping people to Unleash Their Potential for over 10 years. He has helped people from all walks of life to get on a better path and to create the life of their dreams. To learn more about the law of attraction and how to create the life of your dreams, visit

Financial Independence Through Simple Financial Planning

Through proper financial planning, financial independence can be achieved. We discuss simple financial principles on how this can be achieved. As long as you work the principles, there is no reason not to succeed. Is financial planning really important? For the average person, it is often thought of as a nightmare. In reality, it may not be so harsh. The process can surprisingly be quite a low-stress one. In one sentence, financial planning is really just a six-step process you need to go through to achieve your financial goals. Here is a brief outline of the process: 1. Establishing and defining the relationship with the client 2. Gathering client data for evaluation 3. Analyzing and evaluating the client’s financial status 4. Developing and presenting financial planning recommendation(s) 5. Implementing the financial planning recommendations 6. Monitoring of the plan It is important to note that the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) Board has developed and officially announced practice standards for practitioners to abide when performing this six-step process. Therefore, any competent certified financial planner should have to abide by these practice standards. These standards are much too detailed to be discussed here. However, anyone who is interested in knowing more can just type the key-phrase â€" “certified financial planner” â€" into any search engine e.g. Google, Yahoo for more information. At the heart of this process - prioritize meaningful personal and reasonable financial goals. Therefore it is a multi-faceted activity that requires trade-offs between one s goals and objectives. This process helps to make one s financial situation as clear as possible. At the core of all this, it is financial planning that will make your financial goals come true. It is definitely an important aspect of anyone s financial future, and is both a process and an attitude. Essentially, it is mostly about habits. Financial planning is about developing a personal road map to achieve one s financial independence. It is about getting the most out of one s money to provide for one s family and to achieve one s financial goals. With proper planning, your road to financial independence can be a reality. It can certainly be a dream come true. Checking out for tips and resources on simple financial planning ? Do check out our site on personal financial planning and get a free ebook when you subscribe to our free monthly newsletter.

Online Personal Loans For Your Convenience

It is the invincible nature of technology that has resulted in the online revolution. As the name suggests, an online personal loan is one that is meant to meet your urgent needs. The entire procedure, starting from the allotment of loans to repayments, everything is executed online. It has simplified the procedure of executing monetary transactions. Moreover, it has also made it convenient for those who have imperfect credit, to get a loan. There are several websites that help to identify lenders, willing to grant loans to people with bad credit records. There are a number of personal loans available online. Benefits of online personal loans: Owing to the several benefits, online personal loans have become the first choice of many. Its main advantages are as follows: - Convenience: Convenience is the main factor that contributes to the popularity of online personal loans. It enables a person to browse through several lending companies online. It provides you with distinct options to choose, from the best available financial institution. - Avoid awkward situations: The online method of obtaining personal loans prevents you from answering awkward questions put forth by the financial advisor of the bank. Online, when a person does not wish to continue with the inquiry concerning the bank loan, he simply turns to another website. Interest rates repayments for online personal loans: The interest rate for personal online loans depends on several factors, such as credit assessment, size of the loan and the repayment stretch. You could repay the loan in five years, in monthly installments. It saves you from the trouble of having to go to the lender for repayment, personally. Eligibility for obtaining online personal loans: The eligibility criteria for online personal loans are as follows: - You should be above eighteen years of age. - You should be a resident of the United States of America. - You must have a good credit history. Process: The market is full of lenders and several financial institutions that offer loans online. Owing to the cutthroat competition, almost all the financial companies have turned to the Internet. In order to obtain an online personal loan, you should conduct a research for the best deal. You need to browse through the different websites to collect information and strengthen your choice of a banking institution. To avail of an online personal loan, the borrower needs to connect and choose a company, from the many that are online. Most of these companies advertise their loan interest rates. You need to fill the online form, to settle the deal with the financing institution. In the midst of technology, you need to remember to log out properly from the website, or else you might end up revealing confidential information to the next person who logs in. However, it’s safe to share your personal information with online lenders, as they are encrypted to block the accessibility by anyone else. Online personal loans provide convenience and a hassle free method to avoid financial issues. It pays though to research for relevant information, to ensure that you close a safe deal. Joseph Kenny writes for the UK Loans Store, specialising in secured home loans and offers more information on home loans , secured loans and other loan topics available on site. Visit Today:

Consumers Look To Internet For Financial Guidance

People are increasingly using the internet to help them make financial decisions, new research indicates. According to a study conducted by Birmingham Midshires, some 94 per cent of Britons are going online to get advice on a wide variety of areas, instead of seeking out a traditional face-to-face appointment. Research from the firm indicated that just under half (43 per cent) of people looking for online advice will research into savings accounts. In comparison, some 23 per cent will seek out guidance on mortgages. The study also showed that 21 and 20 per cent of people will spend at least three hours looking for advice on savings and mortgages respectively. Out of all those seeking monetary guidance, the majority (55 per cent) will go to a price comparison website, while 46 per cent visit an independent financial adviser. Meanwhile, a third of respondents claim they would ask a friend for advice on topics such as personal loans, debt and budgeting. In addition some 21 per cent of consumers will ask a work colleague for financial help - the same proportion of which will also turn to their fathers. Commenting on the study, Tim Hague, managing director of mortgages for Birmingham Midshires, said: The internet has empowered consumers to do their own homework before they commit to a financial product. While websites such as price comparison sites are valuable to help consumers through the financial products maze, financial decisions should never be taken lightly. Where mortgages are concerned, we recommend that people seek the advice of a regulated intermediary to ensure they get the deal that is right for them. However, he claimed that although it is great that people can access information on subjects ranging from secured loans to mortgages at their fingertips , consumers should remember that such advice should not be treated as generic and that guidance needs to be adjusted to fit with their individual circumstances. Research from the firm also revealed that just under half (46 per cent) of all respondents feel confident that they will be able to access all the monetary guidance they need - whether it covers secured loans, pensions, mortgages or current accounts - online. Meanwhile, a further 50 per cent of respondents will initially use the internet to research financial options before seeking out a second opinion from an offline source. And as a result of using both the internet and various offline resources, consumers may find themselves in a more capable position to search out competitive forms of borrowing such as a cheap loan. In October, research conducted by uSwitch revealed that some 32 loans lenders have risen the interest rates on their personal loans, following the Bank of England s decision to increase the base rate in July. However, the price comparison website suggested that applying for a personal loan online could be advisable as such loans attract a typical interest rate that is one percentage point below those taken out over the phone or face-to-face. Mike Naylor, personal finance expert for uSwitch, also urged borrowers to take the time to ensure that they get the loan which is right for them. Steve Smith writes for 1 Stop Finance Shop. A one stop shop for all your loan requirements, from payday loans , to secured personal homeowner loans , and UK tenant loans .

Do You Respect Yourself Financially?

Do You Respect Yourself Financially? There is always much talk about what the secrets for achieving financial dreams, whatever they be, are. It may seem like a mystery as to why some people seem to be able to make a lot of money, keep it and then go onto make more. The truth is these people follow some basic laws concerning money management. These laws are not difficult to understand, however they do require discipline. Money management and financial knowledge is important. I am sure that there are some people who are reading this who feel ashamed about how they handle their money. The trouble with this is that shame or guilt about finances only creates a state of poor thinking and this type of thinking attracts more financial trouble. To turn this around you need to focus your energy and attention on new behaviors that will establish you to think wealthy thoughts. When you feel good about how you handle money, you can learn to trust yourself. To improve your financial health you need to start out slowly and methodically in order to develop the good habits of fiscal management. Start by asking yourself this question: What s the one thing you need to do in order to improve your financial well-being.? Usually you will know immediately what it is because it is baggage that you carry around with you daily, baggage that weighs you down. Then again it may be that really have no idea. If this is the case it would be very useful to contact a financial planner. Experts with knowledge on specific tax laws and investment opportunities can assess your situation and advise or make suggestions about where you need to begin. Don’t underestimate the help they could provide you. Once you have an answer, do something about it this week. The secret is in the doing. So, just how committed are you to paying careful attention to how you spend and invest, which is the key to making and supporting wealth? Do you want to develop high financial self-esteem when handling your money? Do you want to develop good money habits and maintain the discipline to live within your means? If so, you stand to benefit by increasing your level of financial self-respect and confidence. Lat, but not least, your pockets could end up being a lot, lot fuller. Kim Knight, The Coach Yourself to Greatness Coach, has helped a number of clients target their goals. The Personal Life Coach is not only a sought-after trusted and inspirational coach. She has also written EBooks for all those who want to help themselves or support others. There are many successful clients whose friends and family are amazed at finding out that someone else coached them on their overall transformation. For more information, visit Kim s site at and sign up for up for her FREE Coaching Tips at

A Good Budget Prevents Bad Credit

Bad credit often catches people by surprise. Uncontrolled, it can be like a virus to your finances. A good, strict budget is the best way to keep bad credit at bay. A household budget is basically a blueprint for financial security. Of course, the most effective budgets are written down â€" and even better â€" displayed prominently within a home. The monthly budget tacked on a refrigerator door or bathroom mirror is a good idea. That way it is a constant reminder of the importance of managing your money. Saving Money Beats Obtaining Debt The budget, done weekly or monthly, should first address the basics - food, shelter, transportation. Extra money should be put into a savings account. Saving money is a better way to deal with unexpected expenses such as car repairs and home repairs than credit cards. Many people get into bad credit because they fail to prepare for short-term or long-term expenses, and then they re forced to acquire high-interest debt. For example, saving years ahead for college allows people to sidestep burdensome student loan debt. Tips For Budgeting And Living Debt Free Oftentimes, people find it hard to discover savings opportunities in their monthly income. Professional credit counseling is good about pointing people in a right direction financially. There are various ways to spend less: Dine out less. The cost of food, drinks and tips can add up quickly. Limit costly recreation and cultural activities such as professional sporting events or concerts. We all enjoy rooting for our favorite team or seeing our favorite band in person. However, sports tickets and concert tickets are becoming more expensive. You can cut back and find more inexpensive leisure activities, like free concerts or free theaters. Use coupons to save money. Coupons are not only for grocery items, but many phone books contain coupons for various services. One thing to remember is that a budget is useless if it isn t followed. The costs of basic goods such as food and gas seem to increase every day. While a 10-cent increase on a single item may not merit much notice, increasing costs on several items chip away at your paycheck. People turn to credit cards to make up the difference. A strict budget helps you control your money. Author Bio: Brian Williams has 11 years of experience writing and editing at daily newspapers in Texas. Williams, a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, covered public education, city government and business issues. Learn more about bad credit and credit debt from Brian through Credit Solutions .