Saturday, January 19, 2008

Do Not Dawdle When It Comes To Claiming The Unclaimed Money Owed To You

Simply knowing that you are owed unclaimed money is not sufficient to solve the problem. You have to prove that you are legally entitled to what you are claiming. You will have to back your claim with documentary proof. The authorities may demand further proof, which will have to be supplied to complete the formalities. This article helps you with tips on claiming your lost money properly. Once the search is over, it is time to claim the same. The process of claiming it is a very simple one indeed. However, delay in completion of the formalities can unnecessarily delay the receipt of the check. The basic procedure is the same in all the states. However, minor variations may differentiate the procedure in one state from the procedure in another state. Agencies have standard forms which have to be filled in by the individual claiming the unclaimed money. It has been seen that good databases will provide your claim forms and information. Fill the form, ensure that it has been completely filled and submit the same to initiate the process. The check will not be dispatched without submission of proof of identity of the person. The common documents that prove the identity of the individual include Driver s License, Identification Card, birth certificate or social security card. The copy of the proof of identity must be clear and legible. Otherwise, the authorities will demand resubmission of the documents. The person reviewing the claim will not approve it simply because the name of the person who is owed unclaimed money and your name are matching. It is essential to submit proof that you were associated with the account before it became unclaimed money. Prove that you lived at the address associated with the account and that you have the papers related to the account. This will prove that it indeed belongs to you. Along with the proof of identification, you will have to submit proof of being the heir, executor or power of attorney of the deceased. Submitting the proof along with your claim will ensure that your claim is not questioned at a later stage. Do not forget to make copies of all the forms and documents that you submit with your claim. Retaining a copy will help you refer to them in the future when questions and queries are raised and clarifications are demanded. Retaining a copy will ensure that you have a copy even if the originals are lost in transit. Claims, once made, may take two to sixteen weeks to be sorted, processed and paid. It is necessary to follow up on your claim regularly. Call them or pose queries via email if the agencies allow follow up using the telephone or the internet. Do not relax on the follow up until your claim is processed and it is received. Claiming your money which has become unclaimed money is not very complicated. Be sure to follow the tips mentioned above. CLAIM YOUR UNCLAIMED MONEY NOW! Nicole Anderson offers more information about unclaimed money at Cash Unclaimed s database covers all state and federal databases, has Name Match technology, which will search variations of your name to ensure nothing is overlooked, and offers unlimited name searches to members. Click on for a free money search and locate your missing money today!

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