Saturday, January 19, 2008

Scams For Annual Credit Report - Tips and FAQs

When searching for your credit report you might unfortunately come across a scam, even when you buy your credit report a fraudster could easily get your personal information from your credit card details and use it to falsely buy good in your name. Here are some tips and FAQ s to help you negate these fraudsters. This info well then go onto your credit report and damage your credit score - you could spend years trying to repair the damage. Know the scams and take steps to protect yourself. Did you know that one our of every four Americans were victims of identity theft - Identity theft is well and truly on the rise. It can take your up to 300 hours of work and hassle to clear your name, to try to put your credit record straight. What happens in the meantime? well you could find it nearly impossible to get a mortgage, loan or credit card. Don t be another victim. General identity protection tips: A few simple precautions will help to protect your identity and financial future: Never ever give bank, credit or debit card details or your passwords to anybody on the internet. Especially in emails or during cold calls. Make sure you redirect your post for at least a year after moving home. (this is a very common mistake that can be easily fixed) Make sure you destroy your old post. Anything containing financial information. Don t ever throw it in the rubbish - almost a tenth of households throw away enough information for a criminal to use a debit or credit card online. Avoid carrying important documents such as your passport with you. Don t ever keep your address in your wallet. Make sure your check your credit record regularly, especially after moving home. Specific things you can do to help protect yourself. Just like you check your credit card statement for errors or fraud, make sure you check your credit report. You may think that this is not as important but it s actually more important as bad information on your credit report like fraud activity that has used your personal information to open an account and then rack up major bills will slash your credit score meaning you will be severely limited with any financial purchases in the future. Get an automated alter on your credit report We ve all got less time right, I sometimes don t even properly check my credit card statement so how am i going to always check my credit report? well you can get an automated alter to help you. Every time information changes on your credit report you get sent an email - it sends you the update within 24h - so you can fix the problem before it becomes too financially painful. There are two types of alters 90 Alerts Normally costing from five bucks month - they are good but you have to keep topping up your service ever 90 days if you want to maintain protection. Seven year alert service If you can afford it then this is the preferable option as you have total peace of mind for such a long period - identity the fit and fraudulent activity is a modern day reality we just have to live with - so this could indeed be money well spent. Here are some of the information that is included in the alerts: New inquiries New accounts opened in your name Late payments Improvements in your file Bankruptcies and other public records New addresses New employers These are just some of the ways the scammers can catch you be on the lookout for these methods. For more info with additional tips and FAQ sor to get your totally free credit report today - click on: Written By: Justin Fox Get your totally free credit report today - follow Credit Report , and check out .

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