Saturday, January 19, 2008

Effective Shopping Strategies

Most clothing items at any given store will be up to 75% off eventually without the merchandise ever leaving the store. Discount retailers share the same fate with clothing selling for up to 95% off the original price. If you see something you like or even love, just wait and you can buy the clothes you love and have enough left over to contribute to your plan to create wealth. Everyone in the family must wear clothes, clothes are not a luxury item and anyone can dress for success on a budget. The end of a season is one of the best times to shop. When you purchase quality clothing, you are planning for your clothes to last for years. We make additions to our seasonal wardrobe based on the current fashion trends.The spring and summer merchandise generally goes on clearance between June and July. The fall and winter merchandise generally goes on sale sometime in January. Prudent planning and attention to details make it possible to create wealth.Being able to create wealth with the money you save shopping for items while only on sale is significant in your plan for financial security. Don t use your credit cards, a plan to create wealth includes cutting expenses like credit card interest charges and other credit card fees. You won t save as much if you pay for your sale items with a credit card.Create wealth by shopping online from retailers that have an overstock of items that you will otherwise buy. Buy your lawnmower in the winter along with your new gas grill and any other outdoor or summer seasonal items. Create wealth by putting the money you save shopping wisely in an account earmarked for investing. Retailers are offering attractive discounts from their web sites. Inducements like free shipping help shoppers save money by not having to pay for gas or shipping. You will not create wealth if you are just shopping for bargains. But if you are shopping for items you know you will need and are certain each and every time you shop you have planned and shopped on sale, you are contributing to your plan to create wealth.Discount retailers offer even deeper reductions in price than department stores. It s hard to resist saving up to 95% off the original price especially if the original price was $100 or more. Shop for household goods, shoes and luggage only when these items are on sale. Identify how much money you have saved and invest the money, don t spend it on eating out. That is how you create wealth. Darryl R. Smith Retired State Police Trooper of 26 years, working in the Expedite Trucking industry for 9 years, 6 years being the owner of a Expedite Trucking Company, presently owner of a Classic Car Sales Company which wholesales and retails autos and trucks. Has great interest in his financial well being, and to the helping of others to attain their dreams and financial goals.

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