Saturday, January 19, 2008

Financial Fitness Part 1 - Pay Yourself First

Go to work - make money - spend money Or Go to work - make money - pay yourself first Which one of these scenarios best fits you? Is your life so automated that you are not realizing where your wealth is going? When was the last time you paid yourself first, before you took care of everyone else? Unfortunately, many people are still spending there day with no clear agenda or gauge for their life. It is interesting how much time, energy and effort throughout ones day goes into making money and spending money- without much regard to exactly where their money is going, or to pay themselves first. Over the next several weeks we are going to look at your financial fitness level. No matter what level you are on, there is an opportunity to reach for another level. In efforts for you to gauge yourself and your own patterns just take a look at this one simple example of paying yourself first. What I mean by this is simple, when you earn a dollar, the first person you pay is you. Many people do not do this. They pay their government taxes, and their monthly expenses. It is ironic to me how it appears that everyone else is getting paid but the person who earned the paycheck. This week, I would like you to pay yourself first. Take a look at your earnings and decide what percentage you will pay yourself. Whether it is five percent, ten percent or higher. Do it and immediately and put it somewhere, whether it be a savings account or an investment medium. Just start this process and look at ways this can become a positive habit for you. Pay yourself first. If you are already doing this, consider increasing your percentage. If for some reason you were to go to work and your paycheck was decreased by ten percent no matter what measures you took to change it, I am sure you would live your life just as satisfactory as it is now and not skip a beat. My point is this, no matter where on the financial scale we may tilt it; there is another level for us all. Be willing this week to take wider and deeper steps in your financial life and take care of the one who matters most- pay yourself first. Until next week, Stay linked to your vision Natasha Allrich is a wife, mother, author, dynamic inspirational speaker, and Life Coach, known as Coach T. She is the renowned author of God use Me for Real . To subscribe to her weekly newsletter for Free or to set up a coaching session visit contact info: Natasha Allrich at

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