Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Won the Lottery

Welcome to Fantasy Island. A fantasy filled with such vivid details that I have to share them with you. I know that you have your own lottery fantasies but bear with me, while I reveal mine. Let me set the scene. I am at home on a late work-week day. I have put my son to sleep and going through my nightly “get-ready-for-work” routine. I check my wallet to see, if I have enough cash for the next day and I notice that I have a lottery ticket from last week that I never checked. I decide to check it, while I am checking my email. I bring up the Maryland lottery website and navigate my way to the Mega Millions winning numbers section. I start checking the numbers. One..Two…Three…Four…Five…Six. I have hit the jackpot! Thump. This is the sound of me fainting. After I wake up, I wonder, if it was all a dream. To my delight, I realize that I am a multi-millionaire. Here is my plan. I go to sleep without uttering a word to my husband. No, this is not for the reason that you think - I want to surprise him. The next morning, I phone the office and ask for the day off. I get dressed, as if I am going to work, kiss my husband and son. I am off. Rather than going to work, I head in the direction of the Maryland Lottery redemption office in Baltimore. I make the long hour and a half drive with a big smile on my face. When I get to the lottery office, I inquire about where to redeem my ticket and I am led in the right direction. The redemption officer verifies that I have indeed won $10 million dollars. He tells me when my check will be deposited into my account and asks me, if I want my name to be released as a lottery winner. “Nope.” I state flatly and dash to my car. On my way home, I stop and get a bottle of champagne, Krug 1988, a very good year. Nothing but the best. When I get home, I take a long leisurely bath, sip my champagne and read a tantalizing issue of Travel and Leisure magazine. After my bath, I call the local luxury car dealership and order my husband a Ferrari F430 Spider. Nice â€" eh? I present this to him as a surprise when he gets home from work. I also order first class tickets to Hawaii for a one month stay. Of course, we book only the best hotels. Next, comes the one month holiday to Bora Bora and Fiji. After all, we need relaxing vacations to determine how to share our new found wealth with our family and friends. I will not elaborate on the sharing part because this is a fantasy not math class. By the way, did I mention that I get a matching Ferrari F430 Spider for myself too? Ah…what a life. Alas, reality rears its ugly head and I realize that I have to go back to work on Monday. Until all our fantasies come true, I wish you good health and peace. Keep your debts low, learn ways to make extra money and save money . I look forward to getting my check in the mail, when you win the lottery. I have no doubt you will let me know. The author is the owner of the information-rich website . The website offers free advice on how to rebuild credit and manage debt. The site also features numerous articles and news stories on credit report, credit cards and bankruptcy.

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