Saturday, January 19, 2008

Money - The End Goal

Money that elusive pot of gold that many of us are after, that keep us working hard hoping one day our ship will come home and finally we will be rewarded for all our hard work and sacrifice. Many of us do believe in one day it will happen for us and live our lives with this belief and philosophy only to realize that for some our boat does come in and for others it never set sail. Having a criteria We put criteria before us to getting what we want, such would be in order for us to get what we want a, b, c, d, must happen and we do not open the door for any other way. We set up standards before we can get what we want for example for us to be happy we have to attain a certain amount of money, right job, the right car, the right person in our life only to realize that once we have these standards it does not bring us the happiness we are seeking.. We want as an outcome to feel happy, freedom or security, before we can allow ourselves to feel these feelings we must meet these criteria, what are the criteria you ask before we can get what we want, struggle, sacrifice, work hard. We have set up our beliefs and our life to play out this way because we have seen many people such as our parent hoping to get that elusive pot of gold, we are taught by example. For some of us are digging in the wrong place and to others are digging with a spoon, Yet we have not allowed ourselves other ways of getting that gold. Let us agree no one is stopping us from having what we want except ourselves, we can no longer blame another or the job, it is us, each one of us to take the responsibility to change the way we see or belief how thing and event come to us. Creating solution One solution would be to stop waiting to fulfill all these objectives and start by generating happiness for no reason at all, practice feeling happy, create it from inside out, and start with the end goal as if you have it, the body does not know. The objective is to train ourselves to feel and call on command happiness, appreciating now what you have. Finally you may realize that having happiness as a way of life changes the criteria you had in the beginning and that pot of goal will come as a result of being happy. The author grants full reprint rights to this article. You may reprint and electronically distribute this article so long as its contents remain unchanged, and the author s byline remains in place. Francis is the owner of if you want more information on money in your life you can find at:

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